Welcome to Concorde Skateboarding Company, a young creative community that wants to offer you quality products as part of the skateboarding scene.

Our History

Founded in Singapore in July 2021 by Farid Ismail, Concorde represents the desire that I had which is to create a contemporary apparel brand putting skateboarding culture on the map. My passion for this sport started in 2014 which contributed to me evolving in a caring and special environment. This is a very unique hobby that represents more than a sport. It is a culture and a lifestyle.  That is why I decided to gather skateboarders by shining some limelight on some friends of mine who are truly passionate and love skateboarding the same as I do. By sharing the same passion and value we want to express and show the world how Skateboarding is more than just a plank of wood.


Skateboarding has come a long way to where it is today. Music and Fashion have always been involved in the skateboarding scene and contributed to building a singular identity to this sport which became very popular over time.

Our aim in Concorde is to promote Skateboarding and to show the world how skateboarders can influence Fashion and Music as a big part of the scene.

We want to collaborate with local artists who skate or had a short experience on a skateboard even if it was for a few seconds in order to showcase to them the art of the skateboarding experiences they had.

Together we will take the stage, build and inspire the world by showing the beauty and creativity of skateboarding.

On top of all that, we want to give back to the skateboarding community in every possible way. We are willing to hear any of your ideas you could propose to us :)

Don't forget to skate and stay safe!

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